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About us

We have been proudly serving the Lower Mainland for 5 years and counting!

Phone Doctor is dedicated to serve the growing number of cell phone users in, but not limited to the Lower Mainland. We have built strong relationships with customers who are students, Doctors, Dentists and especially the rugged mechanics and construction workers who are inevitably harder on their devices.

Phone Doctor vows to continue advancing skills and technology to stay ahead of the competition; maintaining the same quality, accessibility and convenience to its valuable client base while expanding these benefits to new locations.

Matching prices, exceeding care.

We understand the importance of customer satisfaction.

iPhone, Android, Tablets

Our services for the Apple iPhone/iPad and Samsung are endless! Broken: Glass, LCD, Camera, lock button, volume buttons, home button, wifi, earpiece, speakers, microphone, battery replacement, charging port replacements, rear housing replacement and customization with unique colors or designs and finally we have great success with water damaged phones!

Highest Level Of Care

Each device that comes in for a repair will get a full assessment and diagnosis of the issue and will be handled with professional care in the most cost effective way possible for each specific repair. Phone Doctor is not happy unless you are! if you have a concern with your device, we encourage all our clients to contact us to ensure that our reputation and customer satisfaction remains optimal.

Fast Repairs!

The Phone Doctors experience results in incredibly fast and convenient on the spot repairs. Many clients of Phone Doctor choose to wait in their car for the repair to be completed as the average times for the most common repairs performed by Phone Doctor are just 15-20 minutes.

Sell Us Your Used Devices!

Phone Doctor continuously refurbishes for resale to its customers. This service can benefit you if you have an old device from your recent device upgrade, or if you have a broken device you would prefer to sell than repair. If you have a device you wish to trade for some quick cash or credit for Phone Doctor services please contact us as we will promptly provide you with an appraisal.

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