How to Find the Best Phone Repair Service

You have just dropped your shiny new iPhone, Samsung, Google or other expensive mobile phone. The device that controls everything in your life and the screen shatters completely. Its working for now, but you should understand that without notice the screen could become unresponsive or even go completely black without notice as a result of the damaged screen. So what do you do? You need the best phone repair option, but how do find them and how do you choose?


You, like most, would likely turn to Google and you ask something along the lines of ‘Best Phone repair’. Google now shows you multiple phone repair shops in your area, but how can you choose one cellphone repair shop over another phone repair shop?


Honestly, this decision process will vary for each person. This is because we all place importance on different variables when we make any purchase decision. I will go through variables that I believe to be the most important when you are in need of a screen repair and hopefully can help to inform you and other people of the various decisions they may not even realize they need to make in this unfortunate broken phone repair circumstance.


Variables to consider while choosing a phone repair service


  1. Google Rating – Top Rated Phone Repair Service

Google will do a large potion of the work for you and it will display the ratings out of five stars for each phone repair shop. You will see how many reviews the business has and the overall rating; you can also read individual reviews one-by-one from customers who have shared their experience with the business. These ratings are an important factor and at Phone Doctor we have worked so hard to provide the best phone repair service for our customers to achieve and maintain our very strong rating for 8 years and counting.


  1. Quality – Phone repair with the best Quality parts

Next you need to give the shop (hopefully Phone Doctor) a call and inform the representative of your phone repair needs. You should tell them the model of your phone is for example and iPhone 8 and then explain the issue so again for example “my screen has cracked and become unresponsive so I want to get the screen replaced.”  You should ask the representative for their screen replacement options that they provide. BE INFORMED. The best thing you can do is making yourself aware of the different quality screens available. YES THERE ARE DIFFERENT LEVELS OF QUALITY. At Phone Doctor we only offer high quality options for our customers, but there is still a choice. We offer OEM replacement phone screens for iPhone’s as well as a very high quality grade A aftermarket screens that are very close to OEM but as a discounted price. The quality of the screen will mean a couple of things for the end result of your phone repair so let’s list them.


Things to ask about when you need a phone screen repair:

  • Phone screen colour quality
  • Phone screen touch response
  • Phone screen touch disease or ghost touch
  • Phone screen touch dead spots
  • Phone screen 3d touch reliability
  • Phone screen latency
  • Phone screen durability
  • Phone screen fitment
  • Phone screen manufacturer

OLED Specific:

  • Hard OLED, Soft OLED or LCD replacement?
  • Screen display width (Hard OLED and LCD will be more narrow than OEM and soft OLED)


Often the cost of the screen is highly correlated with the characteristics above.


With lower quality screens the risk of touch issues is much greater. The most common issues with phone screen touch response are ghost touch, touch disease, a change in the sensitivity, or simply a higher latency or ‘lag’ of the touch input. Ghost touch or touch disease is a term used to describe when the phone essentially has a mind of its own and will select the wrong areas of the screen or it will actually select things on its own without you even touching the screen, which is of course a major nuisance.  A less responsive screen is also a huge pain though. You are used to scrolling through your feed with ease and a smooth drag and slide through Facebook posts. Now imagine having to press harder, wait even just a fraction of a second longer for each input for the screen to respond or having your phone select things you don’t intend to select. SUPER ANNOYING.. Get a high quality replacement screen and your future self will thank you.


The colour quality of the screen (resolution and saturation), field of view and the view angle will also be an issue with lower quality screens. OEM is of course the best all around colours so aftermarket is in pursuit of OEM colour quality. The higher quality the aftermarket screen the closer it will be to OEM but they will never quite be the same even with our highest quality aftermarket display. When you compare OEM side by side with aftermarket you will see more of a blue hue or yellow hue depending on the quality of the screen. With the new OLED screens field of view is a big factor. With LCD replacement screens or hard OLED replacement screens on the X series iphones you will actually lose some width of your display. The cause of this is the fact that the display panels for these options are hard and rigid. The OEM and aftermarket soft OLED options that Phone Doctor offer and as the name suggests “SOFT and flexible display panels. You phone screen begins to round and curve towards the sides of the phone, which means the display panel below must bend and squeeze into the available space. The lower quality rigid panels are unable to do this and therefor they just don’t go as close to the edge as OEM, which created a larger screen border and a more narrow display. These rigid displays are always MUCH less durable phone screens than the OEM and soft OLED options. They are less durable because being fully rigid there is no ‘give’ when encountering a screen-busting jolt. Picture the Plexiglas used for hockey rinks. This glass will bend and flex and absorb impact to survive. Now imagine if the NHL decided to use cheaper home window glass.. This would be terrible, with each body check the glass would attempt to remain rigid and the impact would shatter the glass. The same thing goes for soft and rigid OLED panels.


The durability is something very important when you have just finished breaking your screen. The OEM screens are the most durable but there is also high quality aftermarket screens that hold up very comparably. The high quality screens will of course still crack with impact so get a good protective case, but they will withstand more and the screen has a much better chance of remaining fully functional even when cracked. The lower quality screens often will crack, the touch function may be poor and very commonly even the LCD replacement panel will quit working leaving you without a functional phone.


The fitment is another differentiating factor for the various screen replacement options. The OEM screen replacements are slim and they fit tight to the frame of the phone ensuring that the device remains as dust and water resistant as possible. A high quality aftermarket screen should fit almost identical to and OEM screen because the thickness of the panel will be similar and the frame quality will also be the same. When you get to the lower quality screens the panel is actually a fair amount thicker, the frame doesn’t clip as tight to the frame, which also leaves it more vulnerable to cracking. The frame should service as a structural support to the screen and so if its not fitting tight there wont be the same support, but there may also be pressure points as a result.


There is a lot to know about screens and you don’t need to know it all, but its good to ask even general questions about the quality of the screen that’s being provided.




  1. Value – Which repair service has the best price and gets you the most for your money

Price of the service comes in third on my list because it is obviously important, but its importance is relative with the other factors in mind. I would say Value is more crucial. “Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten”. If you save $50 on your screen repair, but the durability is poor and as a result your phone screen breaks shortly after did you really save any money? Or if the functionality of the phone suffers then is the savings of $50 worth slowing down and affecting the performance of your thousand dollar smart phone? We really don’t think sacrificing quality is worth the savings and that’s why we are ok with not being the cheapest phone repair shop. We would rather lose a customer because they believe our price is too high than lose a customer because we installed a cheap screen and they are upset and frustrated with the quality of the repair. We want each and every customer to be satisfied with our top rated cell phone repair and highest quality parts to keep our reputation strong.


  1. Convenience – Fast repairs, repairs close to you and getting the job done the first time

We are all busy and our phones are so vital to our everyday lives, so when you need to get your phone fixed another major consideration is convenience. How close the repair provider is to you and how quickly they are able to perform the repair are valid considerations when deciding where to take your phone. At Phone Doctor, we aim to be the most convenient provider with multiple service locations and we will even travel to you for an additional charge. We also do the majority of our customer’s repairs on the spot while they wait or while they go for a quick coffee. The Phone Doctor quality phone repairs that are provided also double as a convenience benefit, because with quality you are MUCH less likely to have an issue with the replacement part that would otherwise need you to make another trip to have it resolved or at the very least cause you additional headache.


  1. Friendliness – Phone repair service with a smile. 

You just had your phone break… that is upsetting so whether you are looking to get a screen replacement, battery replacement, water damager repair or even looking to buy refurbished phone you want someone that will greet you with care, sympathy and kindness. At Phone Doctor our team prides itself on being the most friendly to our customers. Furthermore, we show our care in our attention to detail during the repair and the abundance of information we provide our customers regarding device protection through cases and tempered glass screen protectors and other advice like the best way to keep your phone battery lasting longer (SEE OUR BLOG POST ABOUT THIS).