Our iPhone Repair service Explained – Know your device is in good hands.


If you are reading this article the changes are you have a broken phone or some sort of electronic device related issue. Whether you have a broken screen needing a quality screen replacement, a weak and unreliable battery life needing a fresh new battery replacement, a phone that people complain constantly about your call volume, or any other phone repair, tablet repair, computer repair and even gaming console repair, the Phone Doctor has a skilled technician and quality parts to get things repaired and working as they should.



Broken iPhone Screen


From the moment your screen broke


Here is what you can expect from our iPhone repair service. You dropped your iPhone and now the screen is broken. Glass cracked, LCD damage and maybe the touch is no longer responding. After a mild panic attack and some choice words you contact the Phone Doctor at 6042175529 or through the website phone-doctor.ca. Brady, Ben or Brendan greet you with kindness as they are sympathetic to your situation and want to help make your day better.


We will provide you a time and price quote over the phone and schedule your repair for same day on the spot repairs. We carry a huge supply of iPhone parts ensuring that we have the parts needed to get your iPhone repaired in a timely manner. When you come to our location you will come up to an office window similar to a convenient drive through service. This is a measure implemented in response to the covid-19 pandemic to ensure your safety and ours.


You will pass the technician your broken device, they will look it over and confirm the quoted price and timeline are accurate and inform you when the device will be done.


Technician Hard at Work


The technician will begin by powering off your device, we then begin to open the phone with the removal of two specialty pentalobe screws located at the bottom of the device. We warm up any iPhone 6s or newer with a controlled heat plate to soften the water-resistant gasket that helps keep dust and moisture out of your device. We then pull open the device separating the screen from the frame. Inside we now have access to tiny screws and brackets holding various flex cables in place. We carefully remove the plates to gain access to the phone’s battery which must be disconnected first to ensure a safe repair. The old broken phone screen is carefully removed from the rest of the phone and when then connect it to our programing device. This device transfers the original serial number from the screen onto the replacement screen. Transferring this serial number is necessary to ensure that the true tone functionality remains functional. We then transfer a few components attached to the broken screen onto the new replacement screen in preparation for the screen install. We then clean the frame where the screen mates with the frame to ensure there are no contaminants that would impact the seal. Once clean, we then begin to apple the water-resistant seal, accurate installation is crucial for top quality repair results. After the seal is installed, we are ready to install your brand-new iPhone screen. The screen is carefully positioned and then pressed into place snapping tight to the seal and then finally secured at the bottom by the two security screws. Your phone repair is now complete. This process takes less than 30 minutes when performed by one of our skilled technicians so why put up with a broken cell phone any longer?


Book your repair today and lets get that cracked phone screen repaired.


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