Phone Doctor – An award-winning mobile Phone Repair Service in Abbotsford Focused on Growth

In 2018 Abbotsford Phone Doctor was nominated for an Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence award. The business excellence award provides acknowledgement and recognition for businesses who have done an exceptional job in their business category. The owners of nominated businesses are interviewed by a panel of judges to determine the winner in the category. Owner of Phone Doctor, Brady Lawlor was interviewed and talked about the many challenges and moments of growth leading up to building the best cell phone repair shop in Abbotsford. Brady spoke about Delivering high quality cell phone repair and an intense focus on customer satisfaction. Brady also explained that their growth over the years has extended their range of services from iPhone repair, Samsung repair and many other phones into Tablet repair, computer repair, gaming console repair, water damage repair, micro soldering, data recovery and much more. The nominated businesses were invited to a dinner and presentation of the excellence awards. Phone Doctor owner Brady was called up on stage with the announcement that Phone Doctor had won the business excellence award. The judges appreciated and admired the hard work and dedication Phone Doctor has invested into the growth of the business. Customer satisfaction as a highly rated repair service was a huge reason for the judge’s selection.


Consumer Choice Award – Best Cell Phone repair Abbotsford


This year (2020) Phone Doctor was surprised with another award, this time a consumer choice award for the best phone repair in Abbotsford. This award again looks for the best customer service, reputation and overall service experience. Phone Doctor’s convenient and fast repair service which helps hundreds of customers every year stood out as an award-winning phone repair store. Many customer share that although they like to look for the nearest phone repair shop they actually care the most about the best phone repair shop and for many people in Abbotsford its very ideal to have the best cell phone repair nearby. One customer thrilled with their


Cell Phone Repair Near Me


Every person ever – after breaking their phone will need to find the best phone repair quickly. They will ask their friends on Facebook where is the best place to fix my phone, search on google for phone repair near me or return to their trusted phone repair technician from last time. Phone Doctor has been developing relationships over many years here in Abbotsford working towards being the well-known and overall best phone repair business.


iPhone repair Near Me


Phone Doctor began with iPhone repair in 2011. The services from the start included iPhone screen repair, iPhone battery replacements, iPhone back glass replacements, iPhone charge port replacements , iPhone speaker replacements, iPhone unlocking, iPhone microphone replacements and even iPhone water damage repair. Today Phone Doctor has grown its services so much further with further additions being added all the time.


Phone Doctor Repair Services


Phone Brands We repair:

iPhone Repair

Samsung Repair

LG Repair

Google Repair

Motorola Repair

Huawei Repair

Sony Xperia repair

  • Cracked Screen repair
  • Battery replacement
  • Speaker replacement
  • Back glass replacement
  • Back Camera Replacement
  • Front Camera Replacement
  • Charging Port replacement
  • Motherboard repair
  • Water damage repair
  • Data recovery
  • Network issues
  • LCD replacement
  • OLED replacement
  • Audio IC issue

Additional Services

  • Laser engraving
  • Tech Support
  • Email set up
  • Computer repair
  • Tablet repair
  • Chromebook Repair
  • SSD Upgrade
  • Game Console repair
  • Ipad repair
  • Screen Protector install
  • Phone Accessory sales
  • Phone case sales

In Conclusion Phone Doctor is dedication to continue its adaptation to the needs of consumers in Abbotsford British Columbia Canada and surrounding areas. When customers make an inquiry about a service we do not yet advertise we will do our best to use that as a moment of growth and either access the tools and skills necessary to provide that service or aid them in finding a reputable source for the service elsewhere. Growth from a small business focused on being the best iphone repair in Abbotsford to being the Best electronics repair provider in the Abbotsford and the surrounding areas.