Phone Repair Services

Our team is qualified to fix all types of devices, including but not limited to Apple, Samsung, Google, Microsoft, LG, Motorola, HTC, Huawei, and more.  

Bringing your iPhone or Android device into Phone Doctor is never a bad idea.  If something is afflicting your phone and your enjoyment of the device is being diminished, we can help!

Below are some of the common fixes and replacements that we commonly see at our shops.

Is your Android or iPhone screen broken? Need to get a screen replacement? Phone Doctor can fix your phone’s screen fast and professionally, using only the highest quality parts.

If you have a glass-backed smartphone such as the flagship Samsung and iPhone models, you know how slippery and fragile they can be when dropped. Let the pros at Phone Doctor  handle your back glass replacement repair.

Spilled water or coffee on your smartphone? Don’t worry, we can repair fully submerged phones with the highest success rate., in often less than 60 minutes. Turn around time of repair may vary and will be based on the severity of damage

Crack in the camera lens on your phone? Not able to take photos from your device? Drop by any of our locations and our team can fix your cellphone’s camera problems pronto

Is your battery losing power quickly? Having issues charging your iPhone, Samsung or other device? We can fix your battery problems and get you back to enjoying your cell-phone.

Audio port issues on your mobile phone, suspect the motherboard is damaged? Any symptoms that are taking the fun away from you using your device can be resolved. Give Phone Doctor a call and we can get you a free cell phone repair quote.

Is your computer or laptop running slow or not working at all? Our computer repair specialists at Phone Doctor can replace and upgrade hard drives, RAM, laptop batteries, and more.

Has your Xbox, Playstation or Nintendo game console stopped working recently? If so, the pros at Phone Doctor can fix most game console issues and get you back to gaming right away

At Phone Doctor, we don’t just repair cell phones, we also fix a variety of electronics! No matter the problem, give us a call and we can help.

Brands We Repair

The team at Phone Doctor has years of experience repairing phones from all of the large phone manufacturers.